September 15, 2011

Puff Pastry Margherita Pizza

This little pizza is found in the frozen section, usually nestled between some bigger tougher boxed pizzas. It can be tricky to find if you aren't looking out for it. But once you find it, oh happy day!! Here are some reasons why I think this single serving French/Italian creation is worth your dough.

  • Puff Pastry Party. This crust is flaky, chewy and slightly sweet, much like a warm buttery croissant. I recommend eating this pizza over a plate or napkin. I was covered in puff pastry remnants but it was so worth it.  
  • I Say Tomato. Normally I'm not a big fan of sliced tomatoes on my pizza but I went with it. They added the perfect amount of acidity and tang to the sweet flaky crust. Although hard to tear apart with your teeth (i ate a few whole) they are still an important and delicious accomplice.     
  • B and C.  There is not a lot of basil or cheese which I'm okay with. It keeps it light. The basil creeps up as an after taste and the cheese is gooey and mild (next time I might sprinkle on a hand-full of mozzarella and see what happens)  
  • Time and Temp. I cooked this at 400 degrees (like the box says) but after the 7 minute mark I took miss margherita out and she was still cold in the center. After 4 more minutes she was toasty and I was hungry! 

finished product

To sum it up, I love this pizza!
Just remember to cook it a little longer than you think, hold some sort of flake catching device and wait a few minutes before consumption (i burned my tongue)

    My Rating  * * * *

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    1. i just had this pizza today for lunch and it was amazing!! i cooked mine for 15min and it was the perfect flaky texture. i wanted to go back to the store and buy some more. i'm thinking about recreating my own too, and adding a bit more cheese as you said!