September 16, 2011

Cubano Seasoned Wrap

Its what's for lunch! I've had this wrap before and went back for seconds. Found in the refrigerated this wrap includes roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese and dill pickles all encased in a spice speckled flour tortilla. If that's not enough Mr. Cubano comes with a side of "cuban inspired mustard dressing" which I will probably dream about tonight. Here are my favorite elements to this wrap!

  • All About the Sauce. I don't know what they put in this stuff but it is extremely addictive. Spicy and tangy the after taste is still lingering and I'm not complaining. The wrap is good on its own but you will really up the ante per bite when you give it a little dip. 
  • Oink and Oink. Two types of swine in this baby! Thinly sliced, perfectly cooked and not bouncy. There is the perfect amount of meat to satisfy (no need to take any off which is my issue with many deli-styled sandwiches/wraps)
  • Dill-ectable. Didn't expect to be a fan of long sliced pickles in my wrap but these work oh so well. They add the crunch you are waiting for and that vinegary briny bite. mmmm!!!! (i'm not pregnant) 

This wrap is a perfect light lunch with a punch. It is small enough so when you take a bite you taste everything the tortilla is holding. The tortilla seems as though it has some red pepper flakes sprinkled about, for a little added heat. Go try this thing on your next lunch break and don't forget to dip or pour sauce all over it!

My Rating * * * * 


  1. I've had this before, it's delicious!

  2. Add me to the list of lovers of this TJ item!!!!! All the reasons have been listed. Wherever could we find this dip???

  3. These are awesome! Cumberland Farms, a convenience store chain had one too. It was good but they stopped carrying them for some reason.