September 27, 2011

Blueberry Scones

Sweet, Tart, Flaky, Pastry Triangles from Heaven.
I made these for breakfast and they were scrumptious.
Perfect with a cup of tea. Just the right amount of blueberry filling, and even a few whole berries. Yum. The pastry dough is perfect. Not too sweet and not too dense, light and airy is how I like it. I used an egg wash on top to get that golden brown layer and baked them for 25 minutes on the dot. Any longer and I could see the bottom of the scones would start to burn. I had a tab of butter off to the side for some old fashion enhancing but they really didn't need it. I just think it's fun to "butter your scone" , makes me feel british and fancy.

With my sister's wedding rapidly approaching and me being the maid of honor (eeek big responsibility) I have to plan a few "showers" for her. If we follow through with a vintage Alice in Wonderland themed tea party of sorts I will definitely be buying a few boxes of these scones and telling everyone they are home-made. shhhh.

Don't be Alarmed. These bad boys spread out a little bit and the bottom half starts to spread first. It looks really funny and for a brief moment I thought they were going to morph into blueberry pancakes.

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